About Happy Hooves Equine

We are passionate about people learning about horses and reaching their goals. Regardless of their background and experience level.


We offer a variety of programs and activities, all with strong emphasis on developing good horsemanship and sportsmanship skills. 

We strive to create well-rounded students whose knowledge of horses extends beyond the saddle, and includes an understanding and respect for horse psychology and good horse health. 

Every student begins with the fundamentals, and progresses at their own pace.  

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What Sets Us Apart

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Rider Awareness

The Rider awareness Lessons focus on gentle, slow movements that help the rider learn to become more organized and coordinated in their bodies  and movement.


The movements lessons are based on the Feldenkrais method which helps improve your range of motion, flexibility and coordination.


Most lessons are done off the horse , so the rider can focus on their own body and movements.


We use a variety of tools and chairs to help with body awareness as well. 

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Meet Our Coaches


Crystal Birchmeier-Diehl

Crystal grew up in a horse family,  showing quarter horses in all-around events starting at the age of 6.  
Before starting Happy Hooves, she trained in the Arabian breeding industry, developed a foundation in classical dressage, and worked as the head instructor at  several local barns.

Crystal primarily teaches intermediate-advanced dressage lessons. Her love of kids brings a patient and fun aspect to instructing. 

Crystal is also the farm manager. 


Adam Diehl

Adam has been a lifelong horse enthusiast and began riding over 25 years ago, working at a local farm to pay for riding lessons. He has broad experience in the horse industry; in addition to his experience in riding, training and instruction, he has worked at breeding farms, training stables, and lectured at the college level in horse behavior.


He holds a Horse Management Certificate and Bachelor of Animal Science degree from Michigan State University. Over the years, he has competed in Eventing, Dressage, and Hunter/Jumper arenas, and has trained with several well-known professionals in these areas. 

Stephanie Schmaler

Stephanie started riding at Happy Hooves when she was 8 years old. She has been trained in many disciplines including western, English, dressage, and jumping.


Stephanie began teaching riding lessons through the local 4-H protégé program when she was 13 and absolutely loved working with aspiring, young equestrians.


Stephanie is currently training her thoroughbred, Bear in dressage, equine agility, and connection training.


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Erin Frank

Erin has been riding at Happy Hooves since 2013. She has trained in dressage, jumping, cross country, western, and equine agility.


Though she does not own a horse of her own, Erin is helping train Magic in equine agility and working equitation, and Finn in dressage.


Erin is attending the University of Michigan as a Movement Science Major. 

Jasmine Davillier

My name is Jasmine. I am studying psychology and criminology at EMU. I have been riding and working with horses at Happy Hooves for 10 years. I love being with the horses and connecting with them on all levels.


I enjoy dressing them up, talking to them, or just walking around exploring with horses. I think it's really important to connect with the horses to get a better partnership/ride. I also have a dog named Carmel, a hamster named Cookie, and three ducks named Tokyo, Bubbs and Luna.


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Leah Astrup

 I started my journey with horses as a young girl. Taking lessons at a local barn, leasing a horse for the summer, and owning my first horse at 13. I have always had an interest in holistic health care for myself and my animals.


I purchased my current horse 15 years ago, after a couple years she was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance, which started me on a journey of studying nutrition, and alternative healing modalities, eventually leading me to equine bodywork.

I achieved my certification as an Equine Touch practitioner in 2010, and quickly went on to study with Mary Debono in her application of the Feldenkrais Method for horses.


Combining these 2 modalities with my nutrition studies, I was also deeply influenced by the work of the Postural Rehab group, headed by Judith Shoemaker, DVM. In the last 7 years I have also had the privilege of working with Dr. Robert Bowker, DVM, one of the leading authorities on the equine hoof. The last couple years we have started to host hoof clinics here in Michigan, to help horse owners and anyone who would like to know more about how to develop a healthy and balanced hoof. I love to help educate and share the latest research with my clients, as well as provide you with simple bodywork techniques you can utilize to help support your horses between visits.


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