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Our Program 

A program designed with horsemanship at its core

Every student deserves to have incredible and educational experiences with horses.


Our lessons are specially designed to help you achieve your goals, no matter your age or skill level.  In order to focus on the individual's educational needs, all of our lessons are private.

At the heart of our program is our passion for developing meaningful relationships between riders and horses.  Our program offers two categories for developing equestrians.  Foundational Horsemanship and Advancing Horsemanship.     



Every student begins with the fundamentals

At Happy Hooves, our dedication to happy healthy horses and students begins with the fundamentals.  Beginning students work though the Introduction Program which is designed to set up both students and horses for success.  This 8 week course covers groundwork basics such as proper techniques for catching and haltering to tacking up and body work.  Emphasis is placed on making sure riders understand the relationship between rider and horse begins from the ground up.  


Foundational Horsemanship

  • For beginning clients who have completed the Introduction Program

  • Scheduled lessons are 30-45 minutes once per week (age and availability dependent).

  • Students gain competency on and off the horse including skills such as: developing a balanced seat, ground work basics, equine bodywork,  understanding of nutritional needs, as well as many other aspects of horsemanship. 

  • As competency with the horses and maturity (physical, mental, and emotional) develops, students will be graduated to the Advancing Horsemanship program

Advancing Horsemanship

  • For clients who have graduated the Foundational Horsemanship Program.  Lessons are 30 minutes, once a week.

  • Additionally, students will participate in a 30 minute Rider Awareness lesson each month.

  • Students have access to their horse one hour before their scheduled lesson time in order to prepare the horse and themselves.  Preparation time includes skills taught in previous lessons such as tacking up, bodywork, and groundwork.

  • Students build on skills taught in Foundational Horsemanship in order to train and progress horse and self in kind and ethical training methods.