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"A holistic approach focused on how our activities as horsemen and women affect and influence our horses, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and how they influence those traits in us in turn."

horsemanship[ hawrs-muhn-ship ]


1. The art, ability, skill or manner of the horse and the man in the process of building a relationship.

What Sets us Apart

Wellness Inspired Lessons

At the heart of our program is our passion for developing meaningful, mutualistic relationships between horses and humans. The wellness of each human and horse in developed through thoughtful, intentional lessons based in relationship building, communication and mutual respect.

We have carefully developed several programs to meet the goals and needs of clients and equines alike. Each person begins with a Discovery Session and then in collaboration with coaches, decides which pathway suits them best. 


The Rider awareness Lessons focus on gentle, slow movements that help the rider learn to become more organized and coordinated in their bodies  and movement.


The movements lessons are based on the Feldenkrais method which helps improve your range of motion, flexibility and coordination.

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Rider Awareness

Working Student

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The Working Student program is designed for those that are already in horsemanship lessons that are able to commit time on a weekly basis. Students will work behind the scenes to gain an understanding of the ins and outs of what it takes to run, manage and care for all the animals that depend of us.

At Happy Hooves, we understand that not every horse is motivated in the same way.


This is why we utilize Positive Reinforcement Training (R+) with some of our horses.  By simply marking and rewarding a horse for a desired behavior, we can clearly communicate with them what we desire. In the same way, the horse has the freedom to choose or communicate with us if we are being unclear in what we are asking or if they are not up for the task at hand. 

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R+ Training


At Happy Hooves our commitment to mind, body and soul reaches far beyond horsemanship instruction. Our talented staff includes a licensed psychologist, an Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) instructor as well as a Z-Health practitioner. 

We offer various wellness based classes and clubs focusing on physical, social/emotional and occupational growth and development. 


(Equine Facilitated Learning)

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