~Harmonious Training~


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In our program, we strongly embrace education and emphasize “horses first” as a core value.


When you come to Happy Hooves you will learn how to ride well in a safe and supportive environment.

More importantly though, you will become an accomplished horseman/woman and a better person because of it.


That is what horses have done for us. We can’t wait to help you on your journey with horses.

Confident, Fun-Loving, 
Passionate, and Strong.


These are the types of students we strive to build, no matter their age or skill level. Beginner through advanced riding and in-hand lessons.


"We have been extremely pleased with  Happy Hooves. Crystal is very knowledgeable, experienced, and just a kind and respectful person. She is also safety-conscious and attentive, which makes Happy Hooves the best choice for new &/or young riders."


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