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Horse Powered Reading

Research based, Kid Approved!

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Experiential learning which focuses on individual learning needs.

Horse Powered Reading is a full body experience! Learners interact with horses from the ground while using toys and props to develop reading skills.

Horses as Partners

  • Horses are sentient beings that are a lot like us.

  • Because they are prey animals, horses are extremely sensitive to their environment. They react to our body language and cues which gives us insight into what we might be feeling when faced with a challenge or difficult situation.

  • Horses help us reflect on how we approach relationships, learning and challenges.

  • Horses allow for movement in learning

Horse Powered Reading Goals

  • Build phonetic and phonemic awareness as well as word recognition skills

  • Use critical and creative thinking 

  • Enhance vocabulary 

  • develop and practice study skills

  • Overcome barriers that could block comprehension

  • Build relationships with horses, volunteers and other learners

Research Based

  • The HPR program and curriculum is research based and tested. HPR has found that by combining foundational reading skills with motivation, confidence and persistence (all taught by the horse), we are able to see exponential growth in reading skills.

  • The methodology used in HPR aligns with "Science of Reading research" approach to reading instruction. Emphasis is placed on phonemic awareness and phonics as foundational parts of reading, on which fluency, vocabulary and comprehension are built.

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