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Leah Astrup

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I have ridden and owned horses for over 30 years. Like many body workers before me, my journey started with my personal horse that needed help. In my efforts to help her, I researched many different methods. Eventually I received certifications in various modalities, and studied many more. I’ve been working professionally as an equine bodyworker since 2010.

As I worked with more and more horses over the years it became clear that often the rider was transferring their own stiffness and movement issues to their horses. So in 2020 under the guidance and encouragement of my teacher, Mary Debono, I slowly started to work with riders. Applying somatic movement principles, my goal was to help them learn to be more organized in their bodies, become more aware of their own movement habits, and to look for ways to reduce effort in their riding. Since then, I have gone on to study and get certified in a couple different human movement methods and am currently enrolled in a four year program to become certified as a Feldenkrais practitioner. In all the methods that I utilize the common thread is understanding that to really improve movement we need to have a strong focus on working with the brain and nervous system.

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