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Meet Happy Hooves!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Hello! Welcome to Happy Hooves. I am looking forward to telling you a bit about myself (Crystal) and my husband (Adam) the the story of Happy Hooves. We met via a dating website in 2016, dated and were engaged within 2 years, married in 2019. The horses were our bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Our bios tell the general outline of each of our stories. We both grew up with horses and fell in love with horses from childhood. It is our passion in life and we love introducing people to the wonderful world of horses.

Happy Hooves started in 2010. I had spend several years working as the head instructor at several local barns in the area along with a breeding facility at that time. I was having dinner with some friends and they kept asking me why didn't I start my own riding program. To me the answer was because I didn't own any horses, nor had I ever run a business, plus I was only in my early twenties and still attending college. With some pressing and nudging from friends I gave it some thought. It helped that I still lived at home, helping dad run his horse boarding business, so I had what I lot of aspiring equestrian professionals struggle with; access to a facility/farm.

Shortly after that dinner, I contacted an old friend about her mare that she was looking to sell. Enter Tamarra, an Arabian mare, who became my steady solid beginner lesson horse. Within two years of borrowing Tamarra I then owned her, and so began the purchasing of horses. Eleven years later, I own 17 horses, so I think I have possibly gained a few LOL. After purchasing Tamarra, the program just slowly grew. I put my notice in at my other jobs, and started building Happy Hooves.

There have been many changes over the years, some big, some small. I am blessed to have some awesome clientele that have stuck with me through it all. Like I always say, the only thing I can promise people is that I will always try to do my best, that I will always continue to improve as an equestrian and a person. Horses will help me along with this as they do for everyone.

Hope to see you at the barn,



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